Norwood Dental Centre knows that no one plans on having a dental emergency. Patients who face dental emergencies often have a number of options available to them. Whether you’re dealing with a knocked out tooth, severely bitten tongue or another dental emergency, Norwood Dental Centre offers restorative and emergency dental care for Winnipeg and the surrounding area.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Any number of circumstances can cause dental emergencies. Car accidents, sports injuries, slips and falls and tooth decay can all contribute to a dental emergency. Some of the different types of dental emergencies we’ve treated include:

  • Broken or loose braces, wires and bands
  • Chipped, broken, knocked out or dislodged teeth
  • Dental infection
  • Items stuck in teeth that dental floss can’t remove
  • Missing crowns or fillings
  • Severe toothaches coupled with uncontrolled pain
  • Severely bitten tongue or lip
  • Traumatic injury to the mouth, teeth or gums

How You Can Prevent Dental Emergencies

Patients can take a few precautions to help prevent a dental emergency. Winnipeg residents should these preventive measures to safeguard their smiles:

  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Don’t chew too hard on foods that could crack your teeth, like ice, hard candied and popcorn kernels
  • See your dentist regularly
  • Wear safety gear when you participate in sports (mouth guards, helmets, etc.)
  • Take these preventive measures to reduce your need for emergency treatment. You will also prevent unnecessary dental restoration.

Steps to Take During a Dental Emergency

If an accident or other traumatic incident causes a dental emergency, call Norwood Dental Centre immediately. Consulting your dentist is a prudent choice: he or she can give you the instructions you need to prevent further damage following an emergency. If you can’t get to your dentist’s office immediately, use an ice pack to reduce pain and swelling. You can apply gauze to stop any bleeding that might occur.

For emergency dental care in Winnipeg, count on Norwood Dental Centre.

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