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Norwood Dental Centre: A Dental Clinic Serving Winnipeg

Norwood Dental Centre knows that great things begin with a smile—and your smile says a lot about you. Clean teeth, healthy gums and a welcoming smile show that you care about your oral health and can give you a boost in confidence.

Norwood Dental Centre is proud to be a patient-focused dental clinic serving Winnipeg. We can help you improve and maintain your oral health by providing a full range of dental services to patients of all ages. With a full array of preventive care and cosmetic options, Norwood Dental Centre is committed to your health and happiness.

A Dental Clinic for Winnipeg Smiles

When you visit our dental clinic, Winnipeg patients can relax and let us get to know you and learn about your dental history. Our team of general dentists, hygienists and assistants works together to fulfill your dental needs. Whether you just want to maintain your oral health or if you’re considering a total smile restoration, you can count on personal attention when you choose Norwood Dental Centre.

Total Family Dentistry

Our dentists in Winnipeg provide a number of services to keep your smile fresh and healthy, including:

These are just a few of our most common dental services. To learn more about the services listed above and to discover our additional services, visit our Services page now.

Schedule Your Appointment Now

Don’t wait to restore the condition of your smile. By choosing Norwood Dental Centre, you can benefit from personalized dental care aimed to meet your specific needs. If you’re searching for a dental clinic in Winnipeg, count on us. Schedule your appointment today or contact our office for more information.

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