Mouth Guards for Sports

At Norwood Dental Centre in Winnipeg, we provide custom mouth guards for athletes of all ages to help protect their teeth and mouth during sports activities. 

What is a Sports Mouth Guard?

A sports mouth guard is a custom-made dental appliance that is meant to be worn during sports activities. It can help protect your teeth, jaw, mouth and head from injuries in any sport where there's a chance that your face will come into contact with something.

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Sports Mouth Guard | Norwood Dental Centre

Why Wear a Mouth Guard For Sports

Mouth guards can help prevent injuries and concussions during sports activities.

They are crucial for contact sports like football and hockey, but your dentist may also recommend one for any sport where your face may come into contact with another player, a ball or equipment.

Custom Mouth Guards

Our Winnipeg dentist will create a custom mouth guard just for you. Your mouth guard will be made from a mold taken of your mouth to ensure it fits your teeth. 

With proper care and storage, your mouth guard will protect your mouth for many years to come.

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